a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct,
or qualifications, or to the value,excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or
written statement of recommendation.
(Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/testimonial)

We asked a simple question…

“How has Merge impacted you or your student(s)?”

Here’s what we received….

“I love Merge. Merge has impacted my life so much. This is my second year going I love the topics because they are Bible topics needed in everyday middle school life Thank you so much Merge!! :-) ” -Rachel, 7th Grade


“What I learned from Merge is that I need to stop being so fearful and put my faith in God because Our God is not dead He will always be there and will NEVER change.” – Haley, 8th Grade


“This is my second year at Merge before I started coming I was a Christian and went to church but had a lot of unanswered questions and almost all of them have been answered and I feel like I know God much more than I use to.” - Gracie, 7th Grade


“Merge has shown me that even in my brokenness He can use me to make an impact.” – Debbie, Leader


“Merge is a great place to get together and learn about God. We also get into deep conversations and it’s a good place to talk to people about what’s bothering you or your next steps spiritually.” – Melissa


“Merge has helped me to slow down and let myself be renewed by God and His creation” – Anonymous


“Merge’s food [Camp Otyokwah] is more awesome than my school’s food, because the food has actual flavor just like the famous quote, ‘I thank God everyday I don’t blowup, I thank God everyday I have friends to eat with.’” - Lajoi, MS Student


“Merge is an amazing time for middle schoolers to make their faith their own. The worship band was amazing!!!” - Leslie, Leader


“Merge has opened my eyes to the fact that God is always there for help.” – Caleb, 6th Grade


“Merge has showed me I can have fun and praise God!” -Todd, 7th Grade


“Merge has helped me see I am beyond worthless because Christ died for ME, I MUST be worth something!” – Anonymous


“Merge has impacted me because it taught me to forget who I was because God changed me. And I ate well.” - Anonymous


“Merge was an awesome opportunity to worship and be in fellowship with the middle school kids. I had an awesome time seeing them interact with one another and get closer to God through worship.” – Jacob, Leader


“Merge gave me the opportunity to connect and mentor students that I’ve been trying to reach out to.” -Cip, Leader


“I had a great time Merge helped me ask God into my life. I learned a lot.” -Hannah, 7th Grade


“Love getting to know our girls better! And the cardboard testimonies – each one gave me googsebumps to see how God works! P.S. Loved the band!” -Linda, Leader


“That was my third year of Merge and this year was my favorite so far. Merge influences me by the choices of lessons [session topics]. This was Mend Your Brokenness. Scalps has always been my favorite game here and this was my first time of all three games  I played. I caught 1 person. Yah.” -Katie, 8th Grader


Thanks to those above for your testimonial! The testimonials were submitted via our conferences, website, parent/leader seminars, or other events.
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