The Big Picture…

Students are not the only ones who need time to refresh, be around others their age, and educate themselves.  Helping a student discover their identity in Christ is not an easy task!  This year’s seminar will help you learn how to help students discover who they are in Christ!


Seminar Topics…

Session 1: A Student’s Identity: Where Does It Begin?

There are many things that impact and vie for a young persons attention. We’ll uncover and discuss how students develop their view of who they are.

Session 2: A Student’s Identity: The Dangers of Mis-Identity

When a student doesn’t have their identity rooted in Christ (or if it is not strong), then the possibility of turning  elsewhere for approval is greater. We will explore those elsewhere areas. As part of the session, you will be make us aware of  1.) What human trafficking is, 2.) How we can recognize signs of human trafficking, and 3.) What parents and leaders can do if they suspect trafficking in their student or a friend of theirs. The whole session will not focus on the human trafficking, but since average age a person enters human trafficking is between 8 and 12 years old, we want to make parents and leaders aware of what is going on in our community.

Session 3: A Student’s Identity: What Can I do to Help?

As parents and leaders ourselves, we understand that there are times when we feel lost and unsure of what we can do to help our students. This session will provide hands-on experience of how to help our students own their faith by discovering who they are in Christ.

Session 4: A Student’s Identity: A Dialogue Discussion

Being able to discuss with parents and leaders their experiences, can help provide encouragement. This last session will allow the opportunity to share our experiences, gain insights from others, and network with other parents and leaders. The more we partner together and unite in the common cause of reaching the middle school students within our sphere of influence, the more we can reach their world with the Gospel of Christ!


The Details…

Dates, Times and Locations:

Saturdays from: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

-Registration opens at 8:00 am

-Seminar begins at 8:30 am

-Coffee and Refreshments available!


Individuals: $15

Couples: $20

Two Leaders from Same Church: $20


Parents, Grandparents, Pastor, Leaders, and anyone who rubs shoulders with 6th to 8th Grade Students Leaders

The Registering…

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The Paying…

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