The Big Picture…

Mend my brokenness? I don’t have any brokenness. Whether we recognize it or not we’re all broken in some way. All our brokenness may not be on the surface, but we’re all hurting in some way and need a God who loves us and wants to help us break through the muck and mire in our lives! Be prepared to learn how to thrive in our brokenness from some of the Bible’s broken heroes of the faith.

Session Topics…

Session #1 The Gospel in the Storm

In the midst of the storm, fear took the disciples and they experienced the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Session #2 – The Running in the Wilderness

Students can see that even the great Elijah ran from what he feared, and that they’re no different than he is. It’s okay that they run fun their “problems” however they can’t run forever.

Breakout Session –  Church Breakouts: Healing Through _________ [fill in the blank with your brokenness]

The focus of this time is how to we heal as Christians through our times of brokenness?

Youth leaders, this is your time to shine! We’re turning the reigns over to you and giving you the time to engage your students on their level. If you have questions about this time, then email us:

Session #3 – The Whisper in The Wind

Students will learn from Elijah how we’re able to listen for and hear God’s soft still voice in the midst of their brokenness.

Session #4 - Turning Your Brokenness into Action

Students can use their brokenness use to write their God-story  to share with others and then how to use their God given abilities in a hurting and broken world.