The Big Picture…

Share my faith? Talk to my friends about Jesus? I thought that was for pastors and people who get paid by the church. You mean I have to talk to people about…Jesus?! Ever felt that way when your youth leader talks about sharing your faith with your friends that don’t know God? Here’s the good news, it’s not as hard as you think it is, and it’s okay if you’re slow at it! God just wants a willing heart! You’ll leave this year’s conference with the skills and confidence to talk to your friends about how Jesus changed your life! Come ready for a weekend packed with fun and craziness!

Session Topics…

Session #1 The Gospel for Me?

We all needed reminded and encouraged with the message of the Gospel at times in our lives. We often think that we need to bring the Gospel to others, but sometimes we need it in our own lives.

Session #2 – The Gospel for Others

You’ll learn how to bring the Gospel to others in a relevant and loving way. No, this won’t be a boring how-to ta

Breakout Session –  Church Breakouts: The Lies People Believe and How to Respond to Them

Youth leaders, this is your time to shine! We’re turning the reigns over to you and giving you the time to engage your students on their level. If you have questions about this time, then email us:

Session #3 – The Gospel: The Fears Within Us

We’re all afraid of something, and that fear can keep us from experiencing what God has for us. We’ll be facing the fears that hinder us from being bold witnesses for Christ, and while we’re at it we’ll learn to keep our fixed on Jesus Christ.

Session #4 - The Gospel: How? Now?

How do I share the Gospel? When is the best time to share the Gospel? You’ll be sent off encouraged and equipped to follow the guiding of the Holy Spirit as you share the Gospel with those in your life.