What Does It Cost?

The weekend registration includes 4 meals, 2 nights lodging, a conference booklet, and t-shirt. The cost for the entire weekend is only $100 for students and $50 for leaders.

What Should I Bring?

Your registration will take care of everything you need.

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The weather has the potential to be COLD & WET, so be sure to be  prepared for anything!

Be sure to pack warm & dry clothes!

Rain gear is a great idea!





  1. Weather Appropriate Clothes
    • Don’t forget at least one pair of warm clothes & a change of clothes in case you get wet
  2. Personal Hygiene Items
    • a.k.a. Anti-Stink Items
  3. Towel for showering
  4. Sleeping bag and pillow
  5. An extra sock for the game scalps
    • Scalps is our fun group game where we try and get the other team’s socks.
  6. Bible
  7. Journal
  8. Pen or pencil
  9. Flashlight
  10. Money for a conference t-shirt or book!


  1. The same as everything above plus…
  2. An extra towel or two for those that forget
  3. Your church’s medical forms
  4. Directions to camp
  5. Plans for the church breakout session


Do I have to Fill Out a Medical Release/Permission Form/Photo Release Form?

Yes, all registrants are required to complete a form. Youth leaders and parents that includes you!


What does my registration cost cover for me?

Registration cost covers housing, food, your conference notebook, AND a conference T-shirt!


Can I buy extra t-shirts and other cool stuff?

Yup! Just bring money to the conference! This year, we’re selling t-shirts & Fred’s new book

White T-Shirts w/Merge logo (Included with registration): $15

Fred’s book (NOT included with registration): Thoughts from the Throne: $10

Combo Pack (t-shirt & book): $20


Can parents come to the conference?

That’s fine with us as long as it’s fine with your church’s youth leader! No need to check with us!  The more the merrier as far as we’re concerned!

Can I ask you a question?

Absolutely! Just email us at: info@mergeconference.com OR post on our Facebook Wall! If you prefer, then you may call us at: (614) 602-2181